Our story

Founded in 1992 by Jean and Chantal Zastera from the Alsace region, Julie Guerlande was born from the love of an amazing profession: fashion. The ethos behind Julie Guerlande lies in generating emotions, going beyond the product itself, and bringing joy to the buying process as well as happiness when wearing the garments. Having a recognisable and distinctive personality, strong brand identity, being known and individual, Julie Guerlande guaranties all of this and does so in a fun way. 


Our values

Julie Guerlande has one consistent goal, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients which they have been doing for nearly 3 decades. A dedicated customer services team answers customers’ requests both online and in-store. Quality is a priority. A dedicated team is responsible for testing products under real conditions.

We always put in place the necessary protocols to ensure the highest level of care is put into the design of our products. Creativity and innovation are the forces behind our collections that are created each season by our designers. They are constructed around colour themes and textures depending on the trends for that season. The themes, that are available in sizes 36 to 46 are regularly added to. The Julie Guerlande style is aimed at active, modern women who are looking for quality, comfort, extravagance and colour.


Our suppliers

We attach a great level of importance to the production of our products. Given that Julie Guerlande products assure high quality, we go to great lengths to find suppliers with the necessary know-how, preferably sourcing within Europe and especially within France to maintain our values.